Our Games

Slash Mobs

Mutant monsters are taking over the world! You’re tasked with leading a team of heroes to help to return peace to the world. Travel to exotic locations, battle through tough dungeons, summon new heroes, collect shards, and unlock new skills.


Experience non-stop, real-time tactical combat with a 4-person squad. Upgrade and recruit units, enhance special abilities, while acquiring better weapons and gear. Take your toughest recruits into action in single player or co-op multiplayer and save humanity from the suppressive Manta force.

Tiny Realms

Tiny Realms is a mobile strategy game set in a fantasy world. Choose your faction, build your realm, manage your resources and plan your strategy. Unique among mobile strategy games, Tiny Realms lets you control the precise movements of your troops, so you can take full responsibility for your victories and defeats on the battlefield.

Grappling Garry

Get hooked into the action with Grappling Garry! Climb as high as you can by grappling to flying hooks while avoiding bombs. Get as close to bombs as you can for bonus points! Grappling Garry is now available on the iOS App store and Google Play Store.

Temple Toad

Jump your way through a fun and challenging environment in Temple Toad, an exciting new platformer. Collect gems to unlock 17 different hats. Increase your multiplier, and watch your score explode, by knocking scarabs off the platforms and into the lava below. Complete all the achievements and challenge your friends to see who can get the best score.